Dump the SEO Agency Struggling to rank your site with 2012 strategies

They are killing your site. Save it from deindex and adopt our 2022 all white-hat strategies to rank and pull in organic traffic for the juiciest keywords.

FINALLY no-nonsense White-hat SEO strategies (which work in 2022) that will Place your offer right in front of the people looking to pay for it and will thank you for it.

So you want to rank your business on top of Google search results for the juiciest keywords!

Of course you do.

With ad costs rising through the roof, only a fool will ignore the HOT organic traffic that you can siphon off to your website from Google searches.

And people searching for buyer-intent keywords on Google are primed to buy - they need an answer NOW and are willing to pay for it.

You may have tried some SEO Agencies in the past who promised X number of posts (what posts? Where?) and Y number of backlinks (From where?) in the name of SEO.

They never promised you actual rank improvement and never could do it anyway.

Or perhaps they sent you a fancy report  showing you have moved from page 9 to page 8 for obscure terms like  "ambidextrous debt reduction consultant in south-east San Francisco." 

That sure will pull in some buyers itching to buy your services.

Look, SEO is not an easy game it used to be a decade ago. It's not a one-size-fits-all solutions. But agencies are still peddling the same old Directory Submission, random backlinks from questionable sites, PBNs, keyword-stuffed articles etc.

These will lead to your site penalized and deindexed.

Now SEO is a lot more technical (on-site) and lot more painstaking (off-site).

But it can be done. And imagine the goldmine of free traffic that you can have from search engines, without handing over 1000s in Ad costs.

Keep in mind though, no ranking will help your business unless you have the back-end all tuned up, meaning, you have your landing page, offer, copy and follow up setup right - all optimized to draw the customer into your funnel and move him along towards your signature offer.

Attention: Local Businesses

Is your site showing up in the Maps 3-Pack?

Maps Pack is an absolute Goldmine.

If you are a Local Business (Serving customers within a specific geographical area) than you MUST rank in there. If you have a physical business (e.g. Gym, Dental Clinic etc.), it's still more important because people usually try to try the closest locations first.

Ranking in the Map-Pack requires a different strategy but it pays back many times over.

If you are a Gym owner and your business name is in the Map-Pack above, do you think customers will give you a call?

You bet they will.

We provide service to rank you in the Map Pack and drive ready-to-go customers to your business.






Our SEO Services include:

  • On-site technical audit
  • Competition Analysis
  • Search safe Site Migration
  • Google Business Profile Setup/AnalysisS
  • Keyword research
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Backlink Analysis and Clean-up
  • White-hat link building campaign
  • Local SEO
  • Maps-Pack Ranking