Shape up your B2B LeadGen on LinkedIn

Get rid of inconsistent and scrappy outreach strategy with a targeted plan that touches actual decision makers and nurtures them. 

LinkedIn Outreach

We don't use spammy automated message sequences that irritates the heck put of your target audience. Instead, we use content to position you as an authority and thought leader in your industry 

This approach builds strategic and comfortable relationship with your potential clients and nurtures them along to a point where they are willing to explore working with you. We curate custom target lists and proceed with a structured logic flow to bring that list into your network.

We use automated tools in a way that's not spammy but personalized and honest. No one wants to be hit with a series of pitches right after connecting. That's a sure-fire way to lose their attention.

We write the content for your personal profile posts and monitor comments and questions. We write and post articles that demonstrate authority on your business page and share those in your personal profile.

We generate organic leads for you that you can then follow up to close. 

LinkedIn Paid Ads

We use granular targeting, buyer intent and retargeting to bring down your cost per lead. 

If you are starting out, we launch a set of cold ads to collect data and leverage that data, through deep analysis, to target the right audience that converts to leads. 

B2B buyers don't make impulse purchases. Offers are evaluated for the right fit for the organization before any decisions are taken. So we build authority, trust and credibility through a series of ads to lead the customer along her journey to a buying decision.



Start & Grow your LinkedIn Network

  • Your ideal customer avatar identified
  • Messaging strategy devised
  • Connection requests sent out daily
  • Follow-up sequence designed and deployed
  • InMail campaign designed and deployed
  • Leads are compiled and sent to you
  • Manual evaluation of profiles and customized messages
  • Email copy created and automated sequence deployed 
  • Regular reporting
  • Sales Navigator required

$500 - $10000/month Ad spend

  • Targeting strategized
  • Ad creative designed
  • Ad copy written
  • Tracking code installed properly
  • Ad deployed
  • Ad monitored and optimized
  • New creatives/copy tested every month
  • Retargeting strategized
  • Retargeting ad creatives and copy developed
  • Retargeting deployed
  • Multiple ad types tested and optimized
  • Advanced segmentation
  • All ad types split tested
  • Weekly reporting