Create A Traffic Tsunami With Google/YouTube Ads

Flood your front-end offers with "hunt-mode" prospects from Google Ads and YouTube Ads!

Google PPC Advertising

Google PPC Ads are a different beast and can be extremely effective if implemented correctly.

Google is a search engine - so often people are searching for solutions that they need immediately.

These are the visitors on the hunt mode - they want a solution to their problem NOW and they have come with their wallet open.

You just need to be in front of them with the right offer.

Imagine this - someone is looking for debt reduction help and you are a debt reduction consultant.

Imagine your ad at the top spot right below the search bar!!! (Agreed, most of the above Ads are not really great and don't invite a cannot-refuse click). I just took a screenshot of a search from the top of my head.

That's the magic of Google Search Ads.

Understanding your clients' needs, wants and pain points are the key to creating these ads.

Solid keyword research is the next priority - we use various tools as well as good old common sense to come up with the keyword list.

The purpose of these ads is not to make a sell but to make the visitor click through.

Ad text must prioritize urgency to persuade the prospect to click through to your landing page. Once on the landing page, your offer, message and the copy will take over.

YouTube Ads Can Take Your Business Places

Youtube ads can be extremely effective for product brand building, promoting high-ticket items, personal brand building or even hard sell. With a variety of ad formats available, advertisers have a lot of choices.

However, most ads can be skipped after 5 seconds. So the ad creative has to do a lot in the first 5 seconds. 

Clear understanding of your target audience and testing different messages to optimize conversions is the key here.

YouTube advertisement should be consider in tandem with ads on other platforms, including ads on Google search and display network.

What can we do to optimize ads on Google Platforms? 

Our team and I work very hard to optimize your ads across platforms to maximize ROI. Sometimes your CPI maybe a bit higher than that of some other platform, but overall ROI would be better. We always look at the big picture of the campaign while obsessing over data to optimize the details.

  • Objectives & Strategy
  • Competition Analysis
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Ad Copy
  • Obsessive Data Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Optimizing