Double or Triple the number of leads your Landing Page generates without spending a penny more on traffic.

The purpose of a website or landing page is not look cute and sit out there amongst BILLIONS of other such pages. It's objective is to generate leads for your business.

So you got yourself a beautiful website!

Lets face it.

Most business owners spend enormous amount of time and energy fine tuning the color combination and images on their website and not a minute thinking about the purpose of that website.

"You need to be online" was perhaps the spiel of that web development outfit that cornered you into building that 'oh so beautiful" website that does just one thing for you.


I am not saying you ought to build an ugly website for your business.

What I'm saying is that the purpose of the site need to be front and central.

Most website development agencies or the millions of freelance "web developers" out there don't get it. 

You see, they are techies, with no clue about business or marketing.

Your website and landing pages exist for only one reason.

To get leads for your business.

Else it's like a dead CubeSat in the cosmos. 

When business owners complain that their paid advertisements are not "working", it's usually because of (one/both) two reasons:

  • The traffic is wrongly targeted.
  • The landing page is not converting.

There's no shortage of traffic. Depending on your business, you can start driving targeted traffic to your landing page from Google or Facebook in minutes.

What you do with the traffic is a different matter.

Are you able to convert them to paying customers at a rate that's profitable - more than what you paid Google/FB to send them over to you?

If not, you have a landing page conversion issue.

A lot of elements on the landing page can effect conversion.

The layout, color combination and other visual elements do matter. But the main onus of converting the traffic to paid customer is on the copy (the written matter)

Together, what we are talking about is an online sales-robot converting strangers into paying customers better than your best sales-person.

That robot is your landing page.

We use tricks, techniques, automation, little-known secrets and other means to ramp up that conversion rate by your online super sales-robot to a level that will blow your mind.

You want results, you will get results.


How Will We At MonDirect Help You with your Funnel and Landing Page?

We will custom design your funnel. We can do it on pretty much any platform. One popular custom funnel building software is ClickFunnels. But there are alternatives as well.

They all work...mostly.

But we just don't cobble together a page and drive random traffic, hoping and praying it works.

We do the whole nine yards.

  • Analyze your business
  • Fine-tune your offering
  • Develop your messaging
  • Zero-in on your target audience
  • Build conversion optimized website if required
  • Build the funnel (Landing Page, Auto responder, upsells etc.)
  • Monitor, measure and optimize conversion
  • and a lot more...


funnel design & setup

Get your sales funnel up and running

  • Your business, ideal customer and competition analyzed
  • Funnel strategy developed
  • Creatives and copy collaboratively developed
  • Funnel designed
  • Funnel setup on WordPress/Funnel Software
  • Funnel analytics set up
  • Funnel deployed
  • Conversion monitored and optimized by changing copy/layout
landing page

Setup a high converting landing page

  • Your business, ideal customer and competition analyzed
  • Conversion benchmarks set
  • LP creatives collaboratively developed
  • LP Copy written and approved
  • LP designed and setup on Wordpress
  • LP analytics set up
  • LP opened to traffic
  • Second LP for A/B testing (optional)
  • Conversion monitored and optimized (optional)

Establish your web presence with a professional website in 2 weeks

  • Website objectives identified
  • Branding parameters (color scheme, logo) finalized
  • Various pages identified based on business objectives (maximum 10)
  • Site developed on Wordpress
  • Required plugins are installed and configured
  • Analytics and other scripts installed
  • No ecommerce/payment system integration
  • Website copy not included