Convert Browsers to Buyers With Authentic Copy

Engage your audience through non-sleazy, empathetic and conversion optimized copy in landing pages and emails!

SPECIAL ATTENTION: Coaches & Course Creators

Authentic Landing page and email copy that makes readers fall in love with your work and become ambassadors of your brand!

You are launching the course that you have painstakingly created. Or perhaps you have a coaching program that can be life changing.

You know you are a master of what you are doing. You know this thing inside out. You know it's going to have a huge impact on your students.

But you are burning out trying to do it all by yourself. Course script, course recording, workbooks, webinars, website, payment processing... the list is never-ending.

You are setting up your landing page. It looks good. But what about the copy? Do you have the time to do research and write (and rewrite) the sales copy until it's optimized for conversion?

But how do you convince your audience? How do you demonstrate the real value it's going to have on their life or business?

Enter conversion maximized, non-sleazy and empathetic copy, based on research and data. You will not lose your tone with slimy, misleading and over-the-top claims trying to squeeze out a dollar from your prospect. Instead, you will create genuine connection with your readers who will gladly open their wallets for your product/service and keep coming back for more.

Make your prospects adore your work and become vocal advocates all over the Internet. That's the power of authentic sales copy.

What about email copy?

Whether part of a sequence within your funnel or a one-time set of emails to your existing list - the content always has to push the reader to the next step - got to nudge them to take some action, or create such excitement that they can't wait for the next one from you.

Email copy can be short - sometimes, very short. But they must have a purpose - a goal that can be measured. This is where automation comes in.

Don't settle for swipe files, DFY templates or copy from some Guru's emails.

Authenticity is the key.

The reader must feel like she has got mail from "you" - the true you, with your voice, your values, your true self.

Remember, the most unique part of your business is "you". There might be a bunch of similar courses or similar coaches - but there's just ONE you. 

Show up as that ONE authentic you.

So what do you get with my copywriting services?

  • Landing page, sales page and/or email sequence copy
  • Based on extensive research (primary and secondary)
  • Authentic tonality - I'll speak to you and read as much of your past writing as possible.
  • Non pushy, creativity laced and conversion maximized 


long form sales letter

Your authentic, wallet wooing and conversion optimized sales letter for your online course

  • Online chat with you to understand your ideal customer, offering, messaging and tone
  • Competition research
  • Long form sales letter (no. of words will differe)
  • 2 revisions included
  • Post campaign review session
  • Delivered in 4 weeks
  • No refunds as this is a creative work
  • No refunds as this is a creative work
Email copy

Get your pre/post sales email sequence ready

  • Online chat with you to understand your ideal customer, offering and messaging.  
  • Competition research
  • 9 pre/post webinar or sales campaign emails written for you, optimized for conversion
  • 2 revisions included
  • Delivered in 4 weeks
  • post campaign review session
  • No refunds as this is a creative work

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the copy?

I, Nadin write all the copy at this time. You will find more about me here.

While I have been writing since school days, I really began writing for the web in early 2000, when I living in California. Over the years, I have honed the science and arts of writing on the net, especially landing page copy and email copy. 

I don't deliberately use 'power words' or NLP or any such gimmicks. I try to completely immerse myself in the world of my client, get into her shoes and then just write from my heart. Truly authentic! 

How long does it take?

Landing page sales letters take three weeks, to deliver the first draft. 

An email sequence with 6-8 emails will be delivered in a fortnight.

The time starts from the day the agreement is finalized.

How does this work?

My writing is based on intense research. Here are the steps:

  • You fill out the initial Discovery Form here.
  • Based on your inputs, I will do initial research on your brand, your voice, perception of your brand on the net and competitors.
  • I will invite you to schedule a Zoom/Skype call with me.
  • In the call we will go deep into the product/service you are promoting, the outcome you are expecting, the voice you are looking for in the copy and a lot more.
  • If we think we are a good fit for each other, we'll sign the agreement and get to work.
  • Based on all the information, I sit down with a cup of Mocha and get started with the writing and re-writing, based on my proprietary M+ Copywriting Framework  .
  • I deliver you the first draft. I may include multiple headlines to split test.
  • You get back to me with your notes. I make the changes within a week and send back the final copy.
  • You deploy the copy and watch your statistics on conversion and drop-offs.
  • Based on data of live deployment, we will discuss if any tweaks are needed. If so - I will incorporate the changes and you run with it to glorious success.
  • As a thank you, you can send me the latest Kindle book by David Baldacci/Daniel Silva/James Patterson/Stephen King/Dean Koontz !!!

How do I know the copy will work?

You don't.

Not until it's tested with real audience. That's why I do a ton of research up-front and work with you with any changes we might have to do based on data.


How much do you charge for copywriting?

I expect my clients to be prepared to invest at least 3000 dollars for a sales letter and 1000 dollars for a sequence of six emails. I can propose the actual amount only after our first call.

What's your refund policy?

Writing copy is a creative effort, backed by data. Hence no refunds are offered. 

Three drafts of the copy are included in all projects. I will continue to work with you to make your promotion a success. Two way communication and transparency are critical elements to make this happen.

We can do this. Click on the "Apply Now" button below.