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You Run Your business And Let Us Do The Rest!

You Run Your Business And Let Us Do The Rest!

You probably launched your business to keep doing something you are passionate about. Then came the reality of acquiring leads and customers to keep going. Business doesn't feel so much fun any more!
We make running your Business fun again!

  • Organic visibility in search engines
  • Consistent flow of high quality prospects from social media
  • Persistent additional income from automated lead flow
  • High ROI paid campaigns to make your money work for you
  • Wallet wooing sales copy for your landing pages, social media ads and email sequences

Dear Business Owner,


Dream of becoming your own boss. Dreaming of following your passion. Dream of living life in your own terms.

Dream of building wealth instead of trading time (and effort) for little money.

Dream of freedom, of travel, of more time with family and friends. 

Dream of your own house, the car you have been looking at or perhaps the home theater you have been dreaming of setting up.

Dream of letting the world hear what you got to say. Dream of leaving your mark in this world.

Dreams have set you up on a path of entrepreneurship rather than just finishing college, getting that job and staying there for eternity.

And now you have taken the plunge. Time to get it going.

But wait!

Running a business is HARD!

The business takes over you and you tend to forget why you started the business in the first place.

The joy of doing what you are passionate about is slowly dying.

You can't stop thinking about where the next lead/customer/c;ient is going to come from.

Those voices in your head are becoming loud...

I need a constant stream of leads and customers to keep my business afloat.

How do I get people to my website to see what I have to offer? How do I create a steady flow of leads?

It seems like it's feast or famine for my business when it comes to leads and customer.

How do I automate this thing so that I'm doing what I really want to do and not struggling with tech, website, copy, ads, creatives, follow up while trying to keep up with ROI, ROAS and all the other metrics they say you need to be on top of, to run a profitable business?

Just spent a little fortune creating my website. Looks cute, with all my favorite colors...But nothing is happening. I have no clue who's coming to my website and what they think of my offerings, forget anyone buying anything. 

In fact, is anyone really visiting my site? Does my site show up when my potential customers search on Google?

How the heck do I get leads? How do I nurture my leads to buyers? How am I going to do all these things myself and run my business?

Dreams...don't let them shatter!

I get you.

You have tried to do it all by yourself.

They said you have to start Blogging - and you did

They said post on FB everyday - you did.

They said post doctored pictures on Instagram all day long - you tried.

They said paid traffic is the way to go - you downed a few grands trying that.

Now you are convinced - these don't work, not for your business.

There are a gazillion different things to do and you have no clue how to glue them all together so that it all run together like a well oiled machine.

And you want it done while staying authentic, staying true to your values and to your moral compass.

You don't need any of those slimy bro-marketing hyperboles.

You don't need to fall the slimy "SEO Experts" or "Social Media Marketing Experts" out there.

You need a data driven strategy. You need a direction. You need a roadmap.

And then you need all the pieces created and connected.

You want your dreams to come true!

You want to TRANSFORM your business with seamlessly connected strategies and not tactics of the month that show great promise but then wither away the next month.

You want running your business to be fun again.

We are here to make running your business fun again.

We are going to be your partner in business - creating an unique business strategy that combine all available resources to bring in a constant flow of qualified leads to your business.

We are not a web development company or a SEO shop or a Facebook Ad Management company... we are actually not even a Digital Marketing Agency the way most present themselves (though we do all of the above.)

We are your Strategic Marketing Partner who gets paid only when you get leads, customers and/or clients.

Look at our Transformational Services pages to see our guarantee of performance and how, combined together, we can convert your business to a lead generating machine so that you will find running your business fun again!

Your success is our success.

Contact us today by clicking on the Apply Now link on the menu.

Talk to you soon.

Nadin Rath

Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist of MonkDirect

(An unit of Monk Enterprises)

Hi There! This is Nadin Rath, founder of MonkDirect

My team and I will partner with you to make your online business dreams come true. 

My team and I are here to help you dominate your niche and build the kind of online business you dream of.

We are a results driven Direct Response Marketing Agency. We don't go by vanity metrics of views, likes, and comments, but track meaningful numbers like click-through rate, conversion rate, cost per lead and other metrics at every stage. We measure, analyze and optimize continuously to deliver the best results for our clients. We set aggressive goals with our campaigns and work until we hit those numbers.

Make a Difference!

I have seen the plight of children in unfathomable living conditions. They are just children and they deserve to have a fair chance at their lives. What little can we do for them?

MONKDirect and all other businesses under the umbrella of Monk Enterprises pledges at least 10% of all revenue to the education and upliftment of underprivileged children.